Monday, May 17, 2010

ethan's first mashies...

he is getting so big! and on mother's day ethan had his first home made mashies at nannie naenae's! what better mashies to have than those!! yum!
mommy tried them plain and got a lil weird eyebrow look so i added a lil bit of salt and butter to make them oh so yummy. and yes as you can see they were a hit!
he gets the baby food in his mouth much better but after seeing the mashies all over his face it took everything i had not to just give him the bowl to see what he would do. : )

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my first mother's day

so blessed...

i had such a great weekend this past weekend. daddy and Ethan made it so very special for me for my first mothers day! I wasn't feeling well so mike was extra caring and did everything around the house  and what he could to help me feel comfortable and better. ethan seemed to know that it was "mommy's" weekend because he was extra cuddly and that means tons of cuddles because he is already a cuddly guy.

mike got up with ethan so i could rest which was so sweet. and then my gift  was a spa day from the green room and I can't stop thinking about using that is my fav place for a pedi!! pedicure, manicure, facial and massage...i believe that is what I will get every mom needs these, i actually told him that he could do that every year and it would be perfect! i am not real big on jewelry so a moms day is perfect!! and i am thinking what takes the cake is it was all his idea and complete surprise...sometimes i have to drop hints ; )

i have learned so much in just the seven months i have had at this mom stuff. i am sure i have made mistakes but i know i will grow and learn. but really when they say you just know what to do it's kind of true. we as mother's and father's just have the instinct. 

i love this mommy world i am in and can not wait to see what the years ahead bring. we are so blessed.