Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sponge bob square pants cut out cookies

created by lishdish (and daughter) from the pantry in ram

a florida, swings, slides and boating

I know I am behind a week but we have been super busy. The weather finally broke from rain to 80's and we are lovin every minute of it. The weekend before last Ethan tried his first "Florida" from Swensons Drive In. Those of you from this area totally know how yummy Swensons is. EVERYTHING is good. If you live close to a Swesnons and haven't tried this wonder in the Akron/Canton area shame on you. But if you come through here for a visit this is a must stop. 

Also that weekend we visited the park and let Ethan swing and go down the slide. Oh and yes he got a little dirty in the tire playing in his not so play clothes...yikes!. This was his second time on the slide but first time by himself and yes of course he loved it and tried to climb up the slide to go again. And then on Sunday we went boating on Portage Lakes with some great friends. It was a nice relaxing end to the weekend...well until the meltdown around 7. Someone was exhausted. But the photo is of Maggie and Ethan on the boat.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

minnie mouse cupcakes

Created by LishDish from The Pantry in RAK

adorable poppy platform

This Mojo Moxy Poppy Platform may cause a trip to the shoe store. DSW has these perfect pumps for 75.00 and i think they are totally worth it but would like to see them in person first : ) There are a few different colors I think i posted them all in these photos but i am not certain. The white with hot pink i think are my favorite...which color are must haves for you?


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

polka dot booties

these zutano gumballs booties are extremely polka dot and just my style for those lovlie little girls in my life. they are a slip-on bottie and fit 12-18 months. super cute and yes…polka dots!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

wisdom teeth, legos, cheerios…oh and monsters

So our crazy busy weekend was only crazy : ) Mike had the last 2 of his seven wisdom teeth pulled. Yes that is correct he had seven all together, 5 were removed a while back and two were left which were taken out Friday. Everything went well and the teeth were out in 7 minutes maybe less. Mike is on the mend but not without some care and love from me. ; ) Friday night Ethan woke up with the striated breathing all of us moms who have heard it we know what it means so off to the doctors we went Saturday morning and Ethan indeed had an upper Respiratory infection. So in we stayed all weekend.

We colored, and played and built things with Legos...Oh and this is Ethan helping to clean up : ) He doesn't look very sick...

Ethan also found that Cheerios stick to your face when you put your face down into the bowl... There were a few more but they fell off as I dashed for the camera.

Ane we cuddled, ate popcorn and watched Monsters Inc...a few times.

So my very busy weekend turned into hanging with my boys, relaxing and resting. Not a bad deal at all it was great. Ethan and Mike are thankfully on the mend.


adopting a dream

I came across this story in Chicken Soup for the Mothers SoulIts such a neat story and could be interpreted a few ways. One could be never give up on your dreams, or never lose hope. But I really think it means...all in God's perfect timing. We may have a plan but God has a bigger one and if we sit back and allow him to work miracles do happen. I hope you enjoy!

Michael or Michelle.

Before Richard and I married, we agreed that this would be the name of our first child. We had it all planned.

Two years later, Richard walked across the state to receive his college diploma. It was time to make our dream come true for our family.

For the next two years, we prayed that I would get pregnant. Yet month after month was filled with disappointment, until one day in the spring of 1985, I was so sure I was pregnant that I made an appointment to see the doctor.

With a smile, he said, "You're pregnant." 

I wanted to dance around the room. My due date was set for the first week of November, "around the third," my doctor said.

The next six weeks were filled with preparations. We did everything but take out an ad in the newspaper. Richard began preparing the room that would be the nursery.

We tried to imagine what our son or daughter would be like. My thoughts were consumed with the child grownig inside me. 

"I'm concerned that we haven't heard a heartbeat," my doctor told me on my third visit. 

A half-hour later, I cried in his office when he explained that a blood test showed no sign of my ever having been pregnant.

"A false pregnancy," he said. "Your mind wanted it so badly, your body believed it."

Little Michael or Michelle didn't exist. There was no baby to mourn, yet we grieved.

So began nearly a decade of infertility tests and watching enviously as oru friends and siblings had babies. My heart ached as I forced smiles when they talked of their children.

More pregnancy tests. More pacing and praying. They were always the same. The dream died again and again.

We plunged into our work - Richard into his teaching and I into my writing. Yet our desire for a child was strong, and in 1992 we attended an adoption orientation class.

I looked around the crowded room of nervous couples. Could our dream really come true?

I was afraid to hope.

"this is our chance," Richard whispered.

We began our required parenting classes. Every Monday evening for 10 weeks we listened, role-played, and discussed the joys and trials of parenting these children who needed new homes.

With all the work came the joy of preparation. How long before our child arrived? Would he or she come with a broken heart and spirit? How long would it take to bond with the child, and he with us? Would our child be anything like the one I'd imagined so long ago?

Together Richard and I prepared our extra bedroom. Would it be a nursery or a child's room? There were so many plans to make, yet so little information to help us. Lovingly I placed bottles of lotion and powders beside bibs and books, inside dresser drawers.

Often, I sat on the floor in the yellow and white room and dreamed of the child who would sleep and play there. I bought a few toys and stuffed animals. They waited quietly for small hands to hold them.

Then, on November 3, 1993, the phone rang and our lives changed.

"Kathy, is there something you've been wanting for Christmas?" our casework asked.

I could almost hear her smiling. I clutched the phone and whispered, "Yes."

"Well, we've got some good news." 

Then she told me about an eight-month-old girl. A baby girl! Would I awake and find it just another dream?

"Her name is Theresa Michelle. But her foster parents call her Michelle," I was told.

I was stunned. Michelle. Eight years ago, we'd dreamed of our Michelle. Then it hit me. It was November 3. If I had had that child in November 1985, "around the third," my doctor had said, he or she would have been eight years old. How wonderful God was to us, how our prayers had been answered!

I tried to imagine what it woudl be like holding this child. 

Within two weeks, we began our three days of visitation. I looked into my daughter's face. She smiled and held her arms out. I held her and breathed in the scent of baby powder and milk, as sweet smelling as a garden of roses.

Our Michelle had arrived.

On November 23, she came to live in our home and hearts. Every day our love for her grows. Nearly four years old now, she loves to hear the story of her adoption, of how we waited and longed for her.

Hopes and dreams don't have to die. We watched ours come back to live and call us Mama and Daddy.

Kathryn Lay


Saturday, May 14, 2011

unique styles for your little one...

i am not sure the exact way i came to find this weeks feature for shoptastic saturday but boy am i happy i did. CourtneyCourtney offers a unique style that is one of a kind. each piece of clothing is made from upcycled clothing and has the most vivid colors and with cool designs.take a look at the few favorites i picked to show you then take a minute to shop her online storeand read her story. what an inspiration!


Friday, May 13, 2011

summer fun must haves for kids...

Check out these fun finds for summer. These are all soo incredibly cute but I think my two favorites are the translucent beach balls and the abc sand molds. I have already ordered a thing or two for fun summer birthdays!! All of these great toys are $25.00 or under. What do you like?

1. From Pottery Barn Kids- Inflatable Beach Balls, Both girl and boy versions ranging from 12.00-19.00 USD

2. From Small World Toys- 5 piece beach set in both girl and boy versions, 13.99 USD

3 & 4. From Melissa and Doug- Finney the Fish pail with removable spout 12.99 USD

5. From Learning Resources found on Amazon, set of 26 lower case sand molds, 9.99 USD

6.From The Original Toy Company, Deluxe Sand and Water Wheel, 25.00 USD

7. From  Good Time Tube found on Sassafras Store, Polka Dot tube, 17.95 USD

8. From The Original Toy Company, Large Sand Molds, 8.00 USD

9. From Melissa and Doug, Flex the Octopus Pail and Sifter, 12.99 USD


all smiles

Addison (2 years old)
Photo Contributed and Taken by: Addi Kay Photography

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

lemon fusilli with arugula

i saw this on the food network by the barefoot contessa (click here for the recipe) and for me it was a must try. what a great summer pasta idea with lemon being such a refreshing flavor. so I made it for a picnic yesterday. i thought it turned out great...there wasn't much left so i am hoping it wasn't the one thing EVERYONE left on their plate to be thrown away ; ) i did a few things differently. i used 2 and a half cups of cream, three and a half lemons and i served it at room temperature. you could even serve this cold and it would be great. i also thought you could add shrimp, freshly grilled tuna or chicken to this as well and make it an almost one plate meal. if you try it let me know what you think. i will for sure make this again!



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ladies tea, cook outs, cake lady and whipped cream...

What a great weekend! I would have posted this yesterday but between or modem crashing and me taking a Benadryl it was a rough day. But today i am better and over the weekend finally decided on a name for my weekend posts Window To My Weekends...

Saturday started off with a wonderful ladies tea. My mom, grandma, great aunt, sister in law as well as many other friends and amazing ladies spent a few hours together eating, chatting and laughing! What a fun way to start the day...

Then it was off to Mikes brothers for a cook out and family time. This is Ethan playing in his first mud puddle... and yes I had to run inside and grab my camera before getting him out drying him off and changing him. It started as standing and quickly moved to sitting in the puddle.

Sunday...Mothers Day! We went to church and heard an awesome message on the Biblical kind of hope. Followed by cooking out at our house with family. I was a little out of sorts and got stuck grilling...on Mothers Day really??? Its okay i do enjoy grilling so i got over it. : )

Then the super highlights..Cake Lady cookies and Ethan eating whipped cream out of the can (this is Nanny Nene's thing)...oh and yes that's BBQ sauce all over his T-shirt he stained the other shirt he had on and it was removed.  He's all boy is what I have heard.  


jungle baby shower cake

Cake Made by: Wild Flour Cakes by Heather, Stow Ohio


Monday, May 9, 2011

sausage and peppers penne

another new recipe from this weekend which turned out well! next time I will make 2 separate portions for myself and my husband as he doesn't like onions and although i do not mind picking them out i am sure he prefers it with no onions. but he did like it and i really liked it. 

this isn't the healthiest but just change the sausage to chicken sausage or chicken and its healthy. or omit the sausage all together and maybe add 1 can diced tomatoes or tofu.

i used 4 sweet italian sausages and 2 hot sausages. the right amount of spicy with the sweet. 


3/4 pound penne pasta (or your favorite)
3 to 4 tablespoons olive oil
1 pound spicy/sweet italian sausage (4 to 6 sausages)
1 medium onion, chopped
2 yellow peppers, sliced into strips
2 green peppers, sliced into strips
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon dried basil (optional)
1 handful fresh spinach leaves
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese


1. bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. add pasta and cook as directed on package.

2. heat grill to medium heat. while grill reaches temperature slice sausage into pieces. if you freeze the sausage for a bit it's much easier to cut. place sausage pieces in a grill basket and cook till cooked throughout and no longer pink. if you do not have a grill basket just cook entire piece and cut into slices once cooked. or if you do not have a grill cook sausages on the stove in a large skillet. if you use the skillet method you can just follow the remaining steps and put it all in the same skillet.

3. in a large skillet heat olive oil then add peppers. cook until tender. during the last 5 minutes of cooking, add onion and garlic to skillet. then basil if desired. add chopped or whole spinach; cover skillet and simmer on reduced heat until spinach is tender or wilted

4. once pasta is done and drained place in a large bowl. add in sausage slices and vegetable mixture and an extra tablespoon or 2 of olive oil. grate parmesan cheese and gently toss. serve with extra freshly grated cheese on individual portions.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


i know this is super late but I do not get very much time on the computer. But today i took the time to upload photos from Easter. We had a great time with family and friends. Church and dinner with friends at Chilis on Saturday and Dinner at my moms on Sunday...yummy!!! Here are a few photos of Ethan in his Easter outfit. 

My little man all dressed up...He didn't keep his hat on so did his hair before we left.

The Easter bunny came this year and brought Ethan his first basket...he was pretty excited when he found it under his TV stand.

Well I will say he loved the snacks and peeps the Easter bunny brought him. That was his first experience with them and he ate the whole strip...Just kidding he was only allowed to have one and we still have a few left. That is him hugging the bunny the Easter bunny brought. One of my favorite pictures. 

This was the Easter basket from grandma NeNe and Papaw Ray...So cute and very thoughtful. Those two bunnies were bunnies given to me as a kid in my Easter baskets and my mom gave them to Ethan. What a fun thoughtful idea Mom!!