Wednesday, November 16, 2016

turkey target game

i wanted to share this cute little game i made for our son's thanksgiving party last year. the kids loved it and i actually left it for the older kids to play it after their teacher saw it. my inspiration drew from a similar game that we played at his valentines party in preschool called cupids arrow.  in place of the circle it was a heart.  so really make this however you would like to fit your event. 
super simple and fun!!

here is the list of supplies and i got them all at michaels

1- styrofoam ring 
3-4 - pieces of brown felt 
1- pack of feathers
brown, yellow,  red, white & black card stock 
glue gun and glue sticks
1- box of straws
1- box of cue tips 

wrap the felt around the ring and secure with the hot glue.
secure feathers with the hot glue 
draw the turkey head and facial accessories and glue to the turkey

give each child their own straw and 3 or 4 new cue tips 
let them try and shoot through the center of the turkey