Monday, August 20, 2012

a great book for little boys

in one of our recent library trips I stumbled upon one of my new favorite children's books. "what little boys are made of" by robert neubecker. 

this book puts a new spin to the poem that also has been around for quite a while. while the poems about little girls talk about sugar and spice, things that are nice, princesses and such, this book is so true of boys. 

"moons and stars, snakes and rats, ships and sails", are all lines from the book. which describe little boys to a t. all in the end wrapping up boys with a cuddly and cute side. this is a must read for anyone really but for sure moms with boys. our son enjoyed the rhyming and really loved the pictures.

the rhyming keeps him attentive and the illustrations are very eye catching. plus I think he can totally relate. i am actually ordering a copy of this one from amazon