Friday, November 13, 2015

our fall session with jen…from jenexpo photography

she has a sparkly personality, such a sweet spirit and we clicked pretty quickly the evening we met…simply stated this girl is beautiful inside and out.
i wanted to introduce you to jen.  we met a few years back at a thirty-one party where i was the consultant and she was a guest of the hostess.  it was one of the most fun parties i had ever done. i met some amazing women that night and jen was definitely one off them. over the years i have had the opportunity to meet her family and friends…she has 2 absolutely adorable children and a loving supportive husband. i was so excited to hear that she was starting her own photography business. i love supporting small businesses and especially businesses started by moms like me. : )

jen expo photography  was launched 2 years ago after her passion and success with photography started coming together. jen's love for photography actually started as a child when she received her first film camera (remember those…i do), and over the years she has studied and worked hard at learning all about photography. while she was learning, she began shooting for family and friends...this is what started building her "brand".  of course there were ups and downs though out her journey thats the part that makes us who we are but launching her own business was one of the best things she has ever done.  she now offers on location photography in multiple counties as well as a personal studio in her home. i love seeing people make their dreams come true...

now for a little q&a with jen…

where do you get your inspiration?   my clients 

confession time…funniest photography blooper? funniest blooper…being pooped on 3 times at a newborn shoot. yes…3 times

camera of choice? i always shoot with a canon

favorite lens? i love the 50mm

favorite spot to shoot? i love to shoot at quail hollow (hartville) and springfield bog metro park 

if you could be invisible for one day with your camera what/where would you shoot? i would take pictures at the park , just people watch to capture sweet moments with couples, parents and kids. 

favorite quote? "what if i fall? oh but darling what if you fly" (one of my personal favorite as well) 

favorite movie or film? white christmas 

where will we find you after 7pm on a friday night? i will be relaxing with my hubby, sweet son and daughter at a family movie night on the couch. 

five words your friends would use to describe you? oh my, this one is tough…should i ask my friends? lol

where/who have you learned the most from? i have learned so much from my parents on how to love and treat others and also how to see positivity in any situation. 

i hope you enjoyed getting to know jen a little bit better 

jen offers fair prices to stay competitive in today's market and her customer service is beyond what you would expect. with no additional fees she will become your own personal consultant. she will sit down with you and help you plan out ways to decorate your home with your new photos. if you have questions about prints, canvases or even gift ideas she is able to give you her expert advice all included within your session pricing.  although life has been so crazy i haven't had the time to order our photos yet,  but i love the online ordering option she offers to her clients. you can view and order your photos directly from her website as prints or canvas and the prices are are extremely competitive. these photos are printed on photo quality paper using photo quality ink. 

my family recently had our own shoot with jen just a few weeks back and we had so much fun! she is so easy to work with…she brings her own great ideas as well as welcomed ours. take a look at a few of my favorite shots…i haven't shared them all but will feature some in the future. thank you jen for making our fall session of family pics so amazing!!

(i sure love our little family)
thanks again jen for capturing moments for us

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