Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ethan's first birthday

well today is it! today is the big one for the sweetest cutest boy i know! a 365 day journey and it seems so much has happened. when ethan was in my tummy i prayed everyday over him that he would be the perfect, happy, healthy, sleep through the night baby that he is. i also prayed for an easy delivery! and prayers must work because i got it all! : ) i remember my labor and delivery like it was yesterday. that part was a breeze and really had no idea what to expect but it wasn't that!! when i heard ethan’s first little whimper i cried and new it was instant love even stronger than the way i loved him before he was born!

each day brought new experiences and i can’t believe in this short amount of time he has grown from being completely dependent on me and dad to the little independence he’s acquiring on his own terms.
each and every mile stone has been so exciting and fun to see ethan accomplish. from sitting up to crawling and pulling himself up. when he started eating solid foods and holding his own bottle. it’s all just amazing! now he reach’s for us and understands who mom and dad are. and actually is smart and his hearing is impeccable. he doesn't miss a beat.

my favorite times are the cuddle times when he grabs his paci and blankie and comes to me and wants me to hold him and cuddle. those are the moments i love the most. well maybe it’s your open mouth kisses. i think he gives 1000 to papaw ray every time he sees him. or is it when he dances to his music or randomly dances when music comes on the tv with a big semi-toothless smile. or maybe when he scrunches his nose and grins ear to ear.i think i have captured most of these precious moments on camera or video considering i have thousands of pictures of just ethan.
being a mom is a joy like no other. i thank god every day for ethan and am so excited about the many years to come.

happy first birthday ethan