Monday, August 20, 2012

a great book for little boys

in one of our recent library trips I stumbled upon one of my new favorite children's books. "what little boys are made of" by robert neubecker. 

this book puts a new spin to the poem that also has been around for quite a while. while the poems about little girls talk about sugar and spice, things that are nice, princesses and such, this book is so true of boys. 

"moons and stars, snakes and rats, ships and sails", are all lines from the book. which describe little boys to a t. all in the end wrapping up boys with a cuddly and cute side. this is a must read for anyone really but for sure moms with boys. our son enjoyed the rhyming and really loved the pictures.

the rhyming keeps him attentive and the illustrations are very eye catching. plus I think he can totally relate. i am actually ordering a copy of this one from amazon

Friday, July 13, 2012

our wedding music

something that was a major deal to my husband and I was music when planning our wedding. we love music and enjoy a variety of different artists. we wanted something contemporary, fun, memorable and original. and it was important to have music that had meaning to us. we spent many date nights before we were married listening to music and talking. hoping to continue this through the years.  

i think we achieved what we were trying to with the music as we are still getting compliments on the music played at our actual ceremony. which I'm thankful for since out of everything i think it took the longest to decide and choose.

before everyone involved in the wedding started making their entrances I had three songs chosen that would be played right before the parents and grandparents came out . there were some other songs played pryor to these but these had to be

"bella's lullaby"- michael silverman

"the prayer"- celtic women

"main "feather" theme"- cincinnati pops orchestra

the next grouping of songs were played during the actual ceremony.

parents entered to- "all you need is love" by the vitamin string quartet

the groom, groomsmen and pastor entered to- "today" by joshua radin

the bridesmaids entered to-"marry me" by train

the brides entrance-"canon In d" by piano wedding masters

an acoustic song sung by my sister in law after the vows- "a thousand years" by christina perri 
(which was a-mazing)

communion song sung by my sister in law, again done acoustically-"revelation song" by kari jobe (has many remakes)

after the pronouncement and the recessional- "good Life" by one republic (cued to the chorus)

Then as people were dismissed-

"everybody"by ingrid michaelson

"beautiful bay" by u2

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

it's wednesday and it's all about shoes. not sure how i even came across these, as this is the first i have heard of this particular designer. but after looking through some if his collection he definitely has a knack for my design. these lovely aurora silk sandals by brian atwood are... well let's just say...eeeek!!

you can score these on net-a-porter for 50% off  right now making them only 1,720. and I am guessing if you can afford these you should be finding a knee length dress to change into after the nuptials to party like cinderella and show these fantasy shoes off. i am a fan for sure! the sparkles on the heel which are swarovski crystals and the white flowers are sure to make these shoes timeless and a great something borrowed for a daughters wedding! and if all of the above wasn't enough they also are adorned with brian atwood's signature.

a girl can dream right? what do you think?!

Monday, July 9, 2012

our wedding sign in...

i will be posting some details of our wedding day. we had an amazing day and i can't wait to share some of my favorite details.

the first one, how our guests signed in.
instead of the usual paper and pen book we wanted something we could display and look at often. i originally thought the thumb print tree but the rocks went better with the theme my mom chose which was a garden type look. plus we love the analogy building our marriage on the rock. so rocks it was and they were a huge hit and we enjoy them daily.

my mom put a large stone vessel by the entrance of the chapel and they wrote on a rock and then put it in the bird bath. i will hopefully have pics of those soon. here are pics of some of the rocks sitting on our mantle now. i need to get a bigger apothecary jar to house them all but i was too excited to wait any longer. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

patriotic pumps

 couldn't pass these up... they are beyond appropriate for this edition of wild about shoes wednesday! these pumps are great for today and they are only $1,050 (insert sarcasm). these priscilla stars and stripes heels by charlotte olympia are pretty cute...and although i would likely only wear then 2 or 3 days out of the year...i would wear them!

Friday, June 1, 2012

the best time...

mike and i really wanted an evening out with our friends before we tied the knot. nothing crazy just a nice dinner, conversation and possibly a night that ended in dancing. well thanks to an amazing group of friends we got all of that and more! on may 19th we all met at bricco. bricco is one of our fav places to relax and of course eat yummy food!!

here is a pic of the crew...

my girls made the night extra special with cute thoughtful gifts that were just... me.

a picture frame that is just waiting for a picture of all of us girls from that evening. each one of my girls wrote and signed. its already up on my wall just waiting on a picture
i think the picture below is the one that will be going in the frame.. : )

my bride to be sash and tiara. thanks ladies you know me all too well!

top pictured with cassi and bottom my sister heather..
thank you sis for making this it!!

memories that will last a lifetime...and pictures to help if we forget!

we had an amazing time thank you to those who came!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

yellow and gray

yellow and gray are definitely in this season and the colors go really well together.
check out this look! accessories are from thirty-one gifts.
the tote-ally awesome tote in awesome blossom.
cinch-it-up thermal in leopard floral
and the umbrella in awesome blossom
what do you think?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

showered with blessings

its so nice to have a bit of a free moment to post. things have picked up so much and we are down to 24 days before the big day!! two weekends ago i was overwhelmed with the love and blessings from family and friends. my bridal shower was saturday May 5th and it was nothing but spectacular. pictured below are the lovelie's in my life that orchestrated it all. i didn't know that much about the shower and was told to show up around 10:30

every detail was thought of from the colors, decorations, menu choice (my moms chicken fav), favors, a photo collage of mike and I, all the way down to my favorite snack...chips and salsa. things were perfect! the shower was an open house style and worked out perfectly... I was able to mingle and chat with everyone which made it nice and a lot of people really enjoyed themselves.

 then it was off to my mommas to open gifts under her big oak tree  (a favorite spot of mine) in her amazing back yard with my mom, sister, grandma, Cassi, Maggie, Ethan, my nieces and my soon to be hubster!! ethan fell asleep under the tree... : ) 
the perfect ending to a magical day. i'm so grateful for it all!

a special thank you to all the special girlies that made this day so very special and memorable...
i love you all!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

new fav polish color...

so i am for sure loving my polish choice from tuesday. i have been getting french for a while again so that's why you have seen 0 posts on nail polish choices. but i saw this and it was love at first site.
mediterranean charm from china glaze. this color actually reminded me of an older color from opi that i used to love and used all of the time called cajun shrimp which the last i heard was discontinued but i found it on amazon!
 so this is my new found summer color.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

sew unique wedding garters

shoptastic saturday!!!
this little shop is super fun and so easy to work with.
especially with wedding season upon us this shop is perfect for all of us brides.
i couldn't find the garter that i wanted in local shops so i turned to google and stumbled upon these handmade garters. as you can see from the pictures and if you click the link Sew Unique Garters LLC has a great selection of "personalized garters" to add that touch to your big day!!
the item was exactly as it appeared in the picture, quick delivery and i even emailed them a thank you because i was so excited and i recieved an almost immediate response. there are other sitesiI saw on the web for garters but this shop has great quality.
super impressed. so take a look and order now! you will not be disappointed!!

Monday, February 6, 2012


one song can spark a moment,
one flower can wake the dream.

one tree can start a forest,
one bird can herald spring.

one smile begins a friendship,
one handclasp lifts a soul.

one star can guide a ship at sea,
one word can frame the goal.

one vote can change a nation,
one sunbeam lights a room.

one candle wipes out darkness,
one laugh will conquer gloom.

one step must start each journey,
one word must start each prayer.

one hope will raise our spirits,
one touch can show you care.

one voice can speak with wisdom,
one heart can know what's true.

one life can make the difference,

you see, it's up to you!

~author unknown~

found this and liked it so much thought i would share it with you...