Thursday, January 19, 2012

tangerine tango

i don’t know why but for the last few years i look forward to pantone's color of the year announcement for the new year, last year was honeysuckle, before that turquoise, and before that mimosa.
2012 shall be the year of tangerine tango! and let me just say i love it!!

i was actually out and about today at target as well as victoria secret and just as i was walking through the mall i saw so many florescent colors on so many different things. swim suits, purses, kids clothes, scrubs, boy shorts, bras etc. the girl at victoria secret was clueless when i asked her if this was the new trend for spring she didn't know. so i had to check it out and see what was going on with pantone. it made sense when i saw this colors on the runway models they were also accented in florescent colors.

take a look at the hot new color for 2012!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

pink glittery steve maddens

i couldn't wait to share this new find with you! first of all if you love dsw like i do their clearance sale just started so get your pick of the cutest shoes on sale now!! if you haven't ever been  in to dsw you have to go, if you are a lover of shoes. if you do not like shoes you may just start to after a visit to this shoe paradise!!

i received a few dsw gift cards for my birthday and i was super excited to spend them.
sooooo check out this fab-u-lous pair of glittery pink goodness!! these are a pair of shoes barbie may envy...if she doesn't have them already!

thank you steve madden for your super cute trendy syles!!
oh and my husband was with me he said these were a must...insert smile...he really loves me and my habits.

home made playdough

when i was a kid my mom and grandma would make home made play dough for me often. when i got old enough to make it myself i became the little helper. we used to put baking flavoring in it so the dough had a scent. like vanilla for white, banana for yellow and so on. although i decided adding the scent would only make ethan want to eat it, i skipped that and just made the dough in his favorite color of course...greeeeen!

this recipe is super simple and only has six ingredients which are pictured below.

1 cup of flour
1 cup of water
1/4 cup salt
2 tsp. cream of tarter
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
food coloring (color of your choice)

place all six ingredients in a medium saucepan and wisk together as it warms. continue to stir with a spatula or whisk until dough becomes thick and turns into a ball.

See pictures below...

once its done there is tons of fun to be had. ethan and i played for quite a while this morning. i cut out shapes for him with mini cookie cutters he would tell me the shape and he loved poking at it and making hand prints!


Friday, January 13, 2012

one of the sweetest...

cash age 3
photo contributed by courtney jacobs

my very first one piece

so, i decided i really need to start purchasing some cute one pieces and tankinis for pool fun this year. it's too hard and somewhat nerve racking to be worrying about your two year old pulling it off in one fell swoop. i have soooo many two pieces, enough to wear a different one for an afternoon swim and an evening swim or a two week vacation...well maybe more. yikes i know a small addiction and i actually have spilled this over into my sons life by getting him enough swim trunks for each day of the week. 

anyways i found the first one and let me say its super fun, very cute and young looking! so I am so excited to get it. it will likely be even more motivation to get into great shape as if i should need any in less than 4 months. : )

this super cute retro style suit is from victoria secret.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

pink and black nike free

i couldn't resist sharing my excitement for these wonderful shoes. i posted a request for women's running shoes/cross trainers on facebook and Nike Free women's shoes came highly recommended. soooo santa left them  under the tree and i used them for the first time monday! let me say they are fabulous. i felt like i had nothing on and they are very comfortable even for new shoes! if you are looking for a new pair of shoes to kick start your new years resolution work outs... these rock!! and I am a big fan of the pink and black.

thanks baby...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

birthdays…they are my favorite

As many of you know today is my birthday! You also likely know that I enjoy celebrating them along with everyone elses. My family and friends seem to alwAys do such a great job of making me feel special on this day...well and most others too! Today was a perfect day in my book and no I didn't spend it on the beach I spent it with my mom, Ethan and part of it with my grandma. (mike and I celebrated last Saturday with friends and will be celebrating just him and I this weekend)
I started my day off with day three of an angel for a son! Ethan has been such a good boy...listening, behaving and just being his joyous self! So this momma was already having a great morning.
Not to mention a ton of Happy Birthday calls and texts from family and friends letting me know I am loved.

Off to the nail salon! Where my hardest choice there was what polish color. Those of you who know me know that I ALWAYS have a pink and white french manicure. So I must confess I am on my SECOND fill with COLOR. That will be 4 well 5 full weeks of color.

So I have been eyeing this color...btw I love ZOYA colors and chose KELLY.
Awesome color and yes I love it!

After my nails I was off to pick up Ethan, Mom and Grandma!

SOOOOOOO very excited...
We were off to our next destination...
I was excited, nervous, happy...
I rang the bell...



Yes...I tried on MY wedding dress and its STILL the one! I got to ring the bell pictured above and make a wish. So fun and such a great memory. Another step closer to the big day which I must tell you is in:

4 months 29 days 16 hours 4 minutes and 45 seconds and counting!

Then my mom treated us to lunch and her and I did some shopping and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening together.

An awesome day:
Mom, Grandma, Ethan, Nails, wedding dress, eating some favorite food, laughing, shopping, brain strorming (wedding stuff)

Oh and Ethan went to bed at 7 so I get to enjoy some bloggy blog time!

I LOVE Birthdays and I really don't see it changing...


Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year

well its the first monday of a new year!! you better be smiling (wink)!

i would like to wish you all a happy 2012!
i am super excited to see what the next year will bring as each year seems to just get better!

things i am already excited for:

1. getting married
2. summer
3. watching as our son reaches more milestones
4. where 31 will take me
5. my birthday
6. everyone else's birthdays (i love birthdays)
7. the holidays
8. our annual Columbus Zoo trip (cross my fingers)
9. and all of the things unknown to me
10. I am sure more things will pop into this head of mine

what are you excited for in 2012?!!

i wish you all a year full of health, prosperity and many blessings!!

we will be in touch i am sure. happy monday!