Saturday, November 30, 2013

tiffany blue and brown polka dot cake

these cakes were done for my baby shower. the theme was jungle with aqua blue and brown as the colors. they turned out perfect!!

cakes created by the cake lady, canton, oh

ticket stub diary

my husband and i both are one of those people that are pretty sentimental. we like to hang on to movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, other events as well as love notes and cards from each other. i was so excited to stumble across this i am ordering it.
. what a great gift idea for an anniversary or christmas. add 2 tickets to a concert occurring in the near future you know your special someone would like and it makes such a great gift and one that will last a lifetime. 
the ticket stub diary  would be a great way to showcase your memories and be able to turn the pages of time each time you open it.
plus it keeps things neat, in one place and that equals organized!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

happy thanksgiving from our family to yours

i am so thankful for so many things today although i remain thankful daily for the blessings in my life today with the the holidays starting it just emphasizes the blessings so much more.

i am thankful that i serve an amazing god that provides for us and has such amazing plans for our lives
i am thankful for a loving, kind, sweet, romantic, hard-working, motivated, big-hearted, super-hot husband with amazing hair. 
i am so thankful for our son ethan. he is such a blessing. and being a mom...well its just amazing.
i adore my family. i am so thankful for my mom and dad and grandma. they have always supported me and encouraged me. my parents are such a godly example or love, dedication and what a marriage should be.
i am thankful for such amazing friends. you all have been such a blessing to me and the support, love, laughs and fun you provide totally rocks
i am thankful for our home. it's warm and cozy and memories are being made daily.
i am thankful for the amazing company that i represent...thirty-one. it has helped provide for our family while i work from home and can be home with our son. not to mention the amazing sister-hood of friends i have made through hostesses and other consultants.

i am thankful to all of you who take the time to stop and read my rambles
have an amazing day whatever you choose to do and many blessings to you and yours

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

white mountain lioness riding boots

love these boots and i am just waiting on them to arrive. i ordered them from dsw this week and can't wait to check them out. these received great reviews and i am so excited to see how comfy they are.
white mountain lioness riding boots are available in three colors and are reasonably priced!!

modular mate kitchen organization

lets just say i have similar characteristics as my wonderful mom! i enjoy being organized! my cupboards aren't completely finished but i have a great start on complete organization! i am addicted to modular more open bags,  pasta boxes, or cereal boxes. and if i could photograph my lack of cupboard space you would understand why the need to be organized is a must! all of my baking goods, cereals, pastas and snacks are all in these neat fresh keeping modular mates by tupperware!! take a look below. they come in Passion (red) or black seals! they come in different shapes and sizes to fit your needs...they have been a lifesaver.

Monday, November 25, 2013

personalized gift wrap

so i am pretty sure i needed another absolutely addicting website to visit...frequently.
there is so much fun on you have to check it out. 

i found this paper and think this may be one of the cutest ideas i have seen.
personalized recipe wrapping paper! it is called sugar and spice

what a unique and fun gift idea for a friend who has some great recipes or maybe purchase it for yourself and use it during a cookie or gift exchange so others can have your recipe.

happy shopping

ethan's monster party

this was one of my favorite party's to plan! ethan's 4th birthday!
he had been talking about a monster party since his 3rd birthday party (i think he gets that from me...i am a major planner) so monsters it was. but of course they had to be happy monsters.

didn't take long to start putting together all of the monster themed are some of the details.
monster cheese ball

it was all about eyes
individual snack cups on the kids table

the monster cake
(hartville kitchen)

monster cupcakes
(the cake lady )
i actually put the candy eyes on them myself

the cake table
the back drop was made from plastic table covers
cut and then tied in knots
lil monsters as a favor
(oriental trading)

monster lollipops
they are stuck in a foam block that was wrapped in crate paper

the birthday boy


sometimes it's...

sometime's it's...

the smell of lumber
a song
a certain laugh
the sound of the harmonica
an old spice commercial
a familiar face
a certain type of "truckers" cap
a swimming pool
a john deer tractor
when someone remodels their kitchen
the sound of a saw
someone's home grown garden
the smell of varnish
a certain type of flannel shirt
when people talk about cross bows and rifles
my moms kitchen floor

but it's always...
the holidays
deer season
january 12th 
fresh cut christmas trees

that make me think of you the most...grandpa.

 i am so blessed to have so many memories of my grandpa. i was so lucky to spend the majority of my childhood at their house. (their driveway is where i met my husband) of course the triggers above could go on to another page and some aren't always triggers but these are the most common. each one of those thoughts are tied to some of my most favorite things about my grandpa. and sometimes i just have to smile and remember how blessed i am.

last night however i started to get pretty sad and couldn't stop the tears for a bit. of course all of these happy moments these memories of him i have, i think about when i get sad. i think about him working in his "shop" and the smell of fresh cut lumber. sometimes when passing a mcdonalds i remember him always calling home before leaving his 5:00am "coffee meetings" with his buddies to see if i wanted anything if i played hooky from school, oh and i always got the entire christmas happy meal toys without having to get happy meals (remember the muppets collection...still have them) the thing that bother's me most from time to time is i wanted ethan to meet him and spend time with him. my grandpa was pretty healthy, active and we had no idea this was coming. he left us far too soon  and way to sudden in my eyes and within just months of the birth of ethan.

now so you laugh in case you have tears
this is what triggered it this time

this was actually posted by my friends husband last night on facebook this was their dinner.
i had no idea what it was so i asked.
it's bacon wrapped backstrap which is venison.

so from that i thought of deer season and eating venison at my grandparents...
i also thought of when i would say "hey grandpa did you catch one" after his return from his cabin in the woods. i think that's why till this day i will ask someone if they caught a deer without even thinking.
i am sure it was acceptable coming from a child now probably not so much.

make sure today and everyday you love on someone, hug on someone or tell them how you feel. 
i am so thankful for the close relationship i have with my family and never have regretted or wished i would have spent more time with my grandpa...or called him more...hugged him more...told him i loved him...or that i wish i would have done this or that. well maybe one thing. i wanted to take him to go see the startrek movie...and now in 3d (not even a 3d girl but thought he would have liked it)

forget about the gifts this christmas if you do not have the money and just go do something with your loved ones. the time you spend is far greater than a gift you could purchase.
because those memories are the ones you have for the rest of your life.

january birthdays right here 12, 10 and 5th

from the time i was born i shared my birthday
celebrating with him...always 2 cakes then we grew up.


lover of the great out doors
so you...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

our favorite homemade snack

ethan and i share a genuine love for this salty snack...i have always been a fan. and even after working in a movie theater for almost 3 years i still love the smell of this mouth watering goodness.

we always had microwave popcorn on hand for bedtime snack after bath time
2 christmas's ago my parents purchased such an awesome gift for each of us kids. it was a gift package of different kinds of popcorn and popcorn salt. 
i was so excited to make it i made it the day after christmas (when we were finally home) with vegetable oil on the stove and i have never purchased another pack of microwave popcorn again.

the only thing i have changed is i now make it with coconut oil...and its delicious!
i didnt get a fancy popcorn pan. i actually use a large stock pot and have devoted that as our popcorn pan


a heavy bottomed pan (5 quarts or more works best)
coconut oil (or whatever you have and or prefer)
popcorn kernels

1. put 2-3 tablespoons of oil in the pan and turn stove to medium heat.

2. pour in kernels. (about 1/2 cup)  there should only be a single layer on the bottom of the pan but not completely covered. then shake the pan back and forth to make sure kernels get covered in oil.

3.put a lid on the pot but leave it slightly ajar to allow steam to escape. once you hear popping it isn't l9ong before they are done! once the popping slows turn off the heat  shake a little more to see if anymore are on the verge of popping then remove from stove and pour into serving bowl.

4. we eat it just like this most of the time with a little salt. on movie night we melt 2-3 tablespoons of butter and pour over the popcorn and mix.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

cheese ball

this was a huge hit at ethan's birthday party and it's really nothing special accept i made it with fresh ingredients.

16 oz. cream cheese (2 blocks)
1 pack of hidden valley ranch dry seasoning packet
1 pound of bacon cooked, drained and crumbled
1 cup of chopped green onions or chives (feel free to add less or more)
freshly grated sharp cheddar cheese or bagged (enough to roll it in)

1.soften cream cheese then mix in ranch packet until well blended. add onion along with bacon crumbles. mix well. form the cream cheese mixture into a ball and roll in the cheddar cheese.

we garnished with olives to make eyes : )

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

bow satin pumps

these heels make my heart flutter...if only an $1,195 pair of shoes were justifiable... : )
i adore the bow that comes across the top and these are very feminine and so glam.

as you know my eyes are always drawn to heels so when i spotted these i had to share...

maybe a little flutter...?

great news while trying to identify the designer of these pricey gems i came across...hope.

knock offs on amazon!! they also have 2 other color choices.

well i totally loved the blush and my size was only available in no go for me but if you love them grab a pair these are adorbs!