Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas 2010

i really enjoy and love the holidays and can't believe that having a child makes you love them even more! even though ethan is a little young to understand it all, just seeing his face when he would slowly tear some of the wrapping was priceless.then after he finally got through my tape (i think i like tape) and got to the actual present  that was even better. oh and santa did a better job of making it easier for little hands. next year will be even better for him.

but after all the visiting, eating, laughing, opening and enjoying everyone's company i really wish it didn't have to end. because truly without family and amazing friends what would we have. it doesn't matter how much you have or how much you own the best memories are made with family and friends and this time of year "we" seem to put more of an emphasis on the importance of family when really it should be all year around we take the time to spend with those we love. family and remembering the birth of our savior makes the holidays what they are.
i love my family and am thankful for them everyday but having us all together for the holidays really is the best!!
well now that the hustle and bustle is nearly over i have finally started organizing everything and think i have found a corner of the house for all of the toys ethan has been blessed with. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the most amazing couple

some years back god brought together the most amazing couple I know! they are best friends!

she loves to laugh and he enjoys causing laughter. she can make anything look good and he always looks polished. : ) she has a heart of gold and he would give you the shirt off of his back. she enjoys entertaining and he likes to be the life of the party. she likes to ride he has a motorcycle. (well she does too as of now). she likes jewelry and he enjoys buying it. she likes warm fires and he doesn't mind building them. she likes to sing and he enjoys music. she loves god and believes in god's principles and is a godly man that loves god too. she likes designing and house projects, he's happy to help.

he gets her car washed; oil changed and warms her car on a cold winter day. he drops her off at the door when necessary and still kisses and hugs her for no reason. he wants the best for her and cares for her deeply. she loves him more and more each day. she enjoys doing things for him and knows shes appreciated.

happy anniversary mom and dad. you are a great couple to take example from that love is still so real and chivalry & romance are not obsolete.

i'm sure there have been tests, every relationship has them but you both sure make it look easy.

when they started dating <3

Thursday, December 2, 2010

dear santa...


all I want for christmas is:

cat toys

and and please ask my mom and dad to let me play with the tree ornaments and climb up and down the steps all day...

please and thank you

love ethan

Monday, November 8, 2010

look mom no hands...

well its official! Ethan took his first steps by himself today

earlier in the day ethan took 1 step without holding on to anything on two different occassions. this evening he took 3 steps to get to kathy a family friend!! let me just tell how absolutely cute it was and how excited i am for him. love these mommy moments 

ail not be long till its just a regular thing he does!


Friday, October 29, 2010

xtreme blast 2010

i may be biased but he has to be the cutest lil giraffe i have ever seen!!

he is ready to go in his little wagon...

ms. paisley and her fashionista momma...

and the duck pond game...ethan won his first try ;)

ao many games and things to do...slides and an obstacle course it will be much more interactive for him as he gets older.

what a great evening of fun and fellowship with friends and family! this was the first year for it to be held in the new faith family church building and it was a success!!!
this will absolutely be in our list of fun activities to do each year! thank you faith family and all of those who volunteered your time we have memories that will last forever!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

my son my protector

this is one of the sweetest most fun memories i will store forever! 

ethan is my protector and has been for quite some time now. i am not really getting hurt and this is how it goes. if i am being tickled and am saying “no, no, no” and he’s within ear shot he’s totally there at my side telling mike what’s up.
just the other day he was in his play room near the living room playing and having a good old ethan time... next thing you know mommy is in “distress”. probably some wrestling move or tickle fest going on. he sounded like a horse with how fast he crawled to me to make sure i was okay. I love him!
this is absolutely going to be one of the fondest memories i have. its so stinking cute and my husband is even amazed.
i guess a lot less rear naked chokes and arm bars from daddy. : )


Friday, October 22, 2010

i found them mom...

i can search for hours to find one "paci" for nap time...under the couch, in the toy box, in the crib and everywhere else! sometimes even not finding any and going with out. he happens to miraculously find 3 when i am not looking.. at least he knows where they are...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It seems that we as parents anticipate each and every milestone. Its fun, exciting, kinda sad, amazing so many words could describe how each milestone feels when it happens. This next one I am supposed to be worried about …so I have heard from some parents. Yes ladies and gentleman we are talking about WALKING!!! 

Ethan has walked with his Buzz Light Year car while pushing it and before today he stood twice by himself for a short period of time. But today…it was different. He loves his big green ball…in Ethan’s world it’s probably his exercise ball. He bounces it, rolls it, watches daddy bounce it and leans on it. Today while leaning on it with his hands and standing he picked up the ball and held it in the air for quite a while. YAY! It seemed the ball was helping him balance and gain confidence! The other times he did stand without holding onto anything but as soon as he realized that he let go of the couch or table or whatever he would sit down. : )

Then as we were shooting hoops and dancing tonight he stood all by himself to make a basket and stayed there for geez I am not even sure how long but a good while!

Worried I am not worried at all! I am so excited for him! Sure he will get into things (he already does now), he might be harder to catch, he will probably be quicker (so quick trips to do laundry might be tough for a while), less chance of him wanting to cuddle as much because those little legs will want to go, go, go,. But really I am okay with all of it. These are the facts of life and growing up. So we may have more injuries, more discipline and have to pay attention A LOT more…but I think this is awesome! I will keep you posted on the future adventures as Ethan experiments with walking and standing on his own.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ethan's first birthday

most of you who know me personally know i absolutely enjoy celebrating birthdays.i love all that is involved with them. ethan's very first party would be the most exciting yet

after setting up the date with the photographer, making the guest list, designing the invitations, and my mom creating them...after ordering the perfect cake, purchasing all the decorations, deciding on the simple menu...inflating over 100 balloons, filling 25 party favor bags, setting everything up, picking up the balloon bouquets, greeting all the guests, having a prayer said over our son, singing happy birthday...
 ethan enjoying his very first smash cake, cutting the cake, opening presents, after every guest signed his photo frame and we said thank you and goodbye it was the perfect day but ended way too fast!!

love you peanut butter!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ethan's first birthday

well today is it! today is the big one for the sweetest cutest boy i know! a 365 day journey and it seems so much has happened. when ethan was in my tummy i prayed everyday over him that he would be the perfect, happy, healthy, sleep through the night baby that he is. i also prayed for an easy delivery! and prayers must work because i got it all! : ) i remember my labor and delivery like it was yesterday. that part was a breeze and really had no idea what to expect but it wasn't that!! when i heard ethan’s first little whimper i cried and new it was instant love even stronger than the way i loved him before he was born!

each day brought new experiences and i can’t believe in this short amount of time he has grown from being completely dependent on me and dad to the little independence he’s acquiring on his own terms.
each and every mile stone has been so exciting and fun to see ethan accomplish. from sitting up to crawling and pulling himself up. when he started eating solid foods and holding his own bottle. it’s all just amazing! now he reach’s for us and understands who mom and dad are. and actually is smart and his hearing is impeccable. he doesn't miss a beat.

my favorite times are the cuddle times when he grabs his paci and blankie and comes to me and wants me to hold him and cuddle. those are the moments i love the most. well maybe it’s your open mouth kisses. i think he gives 1000 to papaw ray every time he sees him. or is it when he dances to his music or randomly dances when music comes on the tv with a big semi-toothless smile. or maybe when he scrunches his nose and grins ear to ear.i think i have captured most of these precious moments on camera or video considering i have thousands of pictures of just ethan.
being a mom is a joy like no other. i thank god every day for ethan and am so excited about the many years to come.

happy first birthday ethan

Monday, May 17, 2010

ethan's first mashies...

he is getting so big! and on mother's day ethan had his first home made mashies at nannie naenae's! what better mashies to have than those!! yum!
mommy tried them plain and got a lil weird eyebrow look so i added a lil bit of salt and butter to make them oh so yummy. and yes as you can see they were a hit!
he gets the baby food in his mouth much better but after seeing the mashies all over his face it took everything i had not to just give him the bowl to see what he would do. : )

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my first mother's day

so blessed...

i had such a great weekend this past weekend. daddy and Ethan made it so very special for me for my first mothers day! I wasn't feeling well so mike was extra caring and did everything around the house  and what he could to help me feel comfortable and better. ethan seemed to know that it was "mommy's" weekend because he was extra cuddly and that means tons of cuddles because he is already a cuddly guy.

mike got up with ethan so i could rest which was so sweet. and then my gift  was a spa day from the green room and I can't stop thinking about using that is my fav place for a pedi!! pedicure, manicure, facial and massage...i believe that is what I will get every mom needs these, i actually told him that he could do that every year and it would be perfect! i am not real big on jewelry so a moms day is perfect!! and i am thinking what takes the cake is it was all his idea and complete surprise...sometimes i have to drop hints ; )

i have learned so much in just the seven months i have had at this mom stuff. i am sure i have made mistakes but i know i will grow and learn. but really when they say you just know what to do it's kind of true. we as mother's and father's just have the instinct. 

i love this mommy world i am in and can not wait to see what the years ahead bring. we are so blessed.