Thursday, December 9, 2010

the most amazing couple

some years back god brought together the most amazing couple I know! they are best friends!

she loves to laugh and he enjoys causing laughter. she can make anything look good and he always looks polished. : ) she has a heart of gold and he would give you the shirt off of his back. she enjoys entertaining and he likes to be the life of the party. she likes to ride he has a motorcycle. (well she does too as of now). she likes jewelry and he enjoys buying it. she likes warm fires and he doesn't mind building them. she likes to sing and he enjoys music. she loves god and believes in god's principles and is a godly man that loves god too. she likes designing and house projects, he's happy to help.

he gets her car washed; oil changed and warms her car on a cold winter day. he drops her off at the door when necessary and still kisses and hugs her for no reason. he wants the best for her and cares for her deeply. she loves him more and more each day. she enjoys doing things for him and knows shes appreciated.

happy anniversary mom and dad. you are a great couple to take example from that love is still so real and chivalry & romance are not obsolete.

i'm sure there have been tests, every relationship has them but you both sure make it look easy.

when they started dating <3

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