Wednesday, July 6, 2011

july 4th 2011

so yes holiday weekends are some of my favorite times!! 
and the fourth of july is my favorite summer holiday! we had a great weekend with cook outs,  a parade, bonfires, friends, family and fireworks. oh yes and yard work which i really enjoy...i know i am crazy because that was not sarcasm! we had some friends over on aaturday and those are a few of the kiddos in the bottom picture. and Ethan is down there also eating his first corn "on the cob".

the top collage is the actual fourth and yes i had to dress him in red, white and blue. : ) 
would we be a true american if we didn't visit home depot over the fourth of july!!

it is the summer holidays that make us thankful for this amazing beautiful country we live in. and also that we should be so very thankful for our freedoms and opportunities. 
happy 4th!


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