Sunday, October 16, 2011

ethan turns 2

what a great day this was...out little man turns 2! everything turned out perfect and we had such an amazing time with some great family and awesome friends! mike, ethan and i are so thankful to everyone who absolutely blessed our family with their love and joy! 

really the day could have been a disaster...considering it had been scheduled for a year at an outdoor gazebo and playground. yikes!!! with a 40 something degree day, rain and wind that would have impressed dorothy we were thankful to be able to switch venues on such short notice. and what an awesome day it was! 

i am a huge fan of birthdays so as mike says its an "event" more than a birthday! and yes i would have to agree but boy is it fun to plan...well maybe accept the 30 minutes prior to start time when things get a lil stressful. but in the end it turned out perfect and i couldn't have asked for a better second birthday for ethan. 

as you can see the theme was bright orange and bright green with squares and 2's. nearly everything held the square theme and most of the food was coordinated with orange and green. all the decorations were made by my new favorite toy the cricut! hundreds of different sized squares and 2's laid about the tables and on balloon streamers. and to think i am doing the same thing this year that i started to do last year after his first birthday and that is plan. yikes...its called over planning i guess : ) but I am sure we will enjoy each and every birthday like the past two! 

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