Tuesday, January 10, 2012

birthdays…they are my favorite

As many of you know today is my birthday! You also likely know that I enjoy celebrating them along with everyone elses. My family and friends seem to alwAys do such a great job of making me feel special on this day...well and most others too! Today was a perfect day in my book and no I didn't spend it on the beach I spent it with my mom, Ethan and part of it with my grandma. (mike and I celebrated last Saturday with friends and will be celebrating just him and I this weekend)
I started my day off with day three of an angel for a son! Ethan has been such a good boy...listening, behaving and just being his joyous self! So this momma was already having a great morning.
Not to mention a ton of Happy Birthday calls and texts from family and friends letting me know I am loved.

Off to the nail salon! Where my hardest choice there was what polish color. Those of you who know me know that I ALWAYS have a pink and white french manicure. So I must confess I am on my SECOND fill with COLOR. That will be 4 well 5 full weeks of color.

So I have been eyeing this color...btw I love ZOYA colors and chose KELLY.
Awesome color and yes I love it!

After my nails I was off to pick up Ethan, Mom and Grandma!

SOOOOOOO very excited...
We were off to our next destination...
I was excited, nervous, happy...
I rang the bell...



Yes...I tried on MY wedding dress and its STILL the one! I got to ring the bell pictured above and make a wish. So fun and such a great memory. Another step closer to the big day which I must tell you is in:

4 months 29 days 16 hours 4 minutes and 45 seconds and counting!

Then my mom treated us to lunch and her and I did some shopping and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening together.

An awesome day:
Mom, Grandma, Ethan, Nails, wedding dress, eating some favorite food, laughing, shopping, brain strorming (wedding stuff)

Oh and Ethan went to bed at 7 so I get to enjoy some bloggy blog time!

I LOVE Birthdays and I really don't see it changing...


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