Thursday, May 30, 2013

my new inspiration

Soooo, I have been wanting to re-launch my blog for a while now actually. This is such a fun creative outlet...I really missed it. So actually while wide awake at my sisters at about 2 am I started feeling inspired. The inspiration was to completely rename and redesign my blog. The next morning when i woke up I was all about hopping on Go Daddy and designing my I think my sister thought I was going nuts. I really started working on the design this week  taa-dah!  Although the blog itself is not finished, I could not wait to get started again. I will likely keep most of the same elements of my previous blog and you may see some duplicates as well of some of my favorites. I am sure you will still see a lot of these ... and these : ) probably a few typos. but if you enjoyed all of that before you will certainly enjoy it again : )

Please join me on this journey of

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