Wednesday, July 3, 2013

grilled brussel sprouts

most of you who follow my blog or any other social media of mine probably know i love to grill! i will try to grill just about anything. so the other night when i decided to make brussel sprouts (which i usually roast in the oven) i threw them right on with the chicken.

the verdict...success!! my husband loved them and our son kept asking for more. he was more of a fan of the crispy exterior but he was eating them.

here is how i made mine. desired amount of brussel sprouts in microwave safe bowl with about 1/4 cup water for 4-6 minutes.

2. pour water out and toss the sprouts in olive oil, sea salt and minced garlic.

3. skewer the brussel sprouts on shish kabob sticks. then place on a medium heat grill.

4. i grilled mine for 20-25 minutes turning until all sides became crispy brown.

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