Friday, August 2, 2013

race car birthday

so i am thinking i should spill the details of ethan's third birthday before he turns 4! : )

my husband calls our sons birthday an event...i just call it party planning!!

it went from trains to many other ideas before ethan landed and stuck with race cars. but let me tell you i was pretty excited. instantly i pictured black, white, red, checkered flag and of course the number 3. many ideas came to me throughout the planning and my mom sealed the deal with her ideas. 
for weeks we heard "i want a race car cake"(ethan) loved it!

thanks to some creative party planning divas (including my grandma), a cricut and a ton of fun.the day had arrived...

and it arrived windy!!

i had some friends and family helping me set up and it went quickly until the wind really picked up. about 15 minutes before start time table clothes were flying, sand was spilling, flags were dumping, banners were flying into cake icing. and aside from all of that the cupcakes were the incorrect flavor and the cake wasn't what i pictured. but guess what...

we have memories!

the party was a success and everyone including our sleepy birthday boy enjoyed the day.

below are some of the details from the party.

these were made out of:
soup cans (label removed), black matte craft tape, paper for the cricut, sand (inside the can) flags

these pictures were taking just before i turned my back and the wind came : )

napkins & silverware

one of my favs-the tires

sleepy ethan

loved his shirt

the day was perfect even with the imperfections.

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