Friday, October 18, 2013

deep dish pizza bites

these are super simple and made a great snack for the fights. story is I burnt them. why?

well i used aluminum mini muffin pans and i am used to using pampered chef stoneware for everything!! i was hoping to keep them warm for a couple of friends that were running late so i turned the oven off and allowed them to sit with the oven door open. well, don't do that...the pans aren't like my stoneware and i burnt them well slightly. they were still edible at least to guys : ) and would have been fabulous without the extra crunch.


2 packages of pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough

1 small jar of mids pizza Sauce (is there any other) or a favorite sauce of you choice

1 package of shredded italian cheese (your choice)

regular or mini pepperonis

1. press dough into spots in a mini muffin pan. i used 2 of the mini muffin pans. if you have a tart press you can use that to form them into the pan. use flour on the tart press so it doesn't stick.

2. spoon desired amount of sauce into each dough cup.

3. add cheese then pepperoni and bake as directed on dough package. (just do not burn them )


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