Tuesday, April 22, 2014

chicken parmesan pizza

so i can honestly say rachael ray has grown on me.
she cooks up some yummy things and that's what its about! i was inspired to try this recipe as ethan and i watched a rerun she had on, where she was cooking with a little girl. i really wanted to try it for a few reasons. first,...it looked simple and quick, second it is very kid friendly and three its somewhat healthy for pizza at least. 

so while i was at the store i tried to remember what i needed. it was only a few things but i forgot the fresh herbs which would be the best part in my opinion so i had to use dry herbs and it still turned out good. i also used 99% lean ground turkey instead of chicken.  and really since you have the basic idea of  how to make it i thought of trying it with a vegetable mix of mushrooms, eggplant, black olives and red bell peppers. it would cook up just the same and i would probably have enjoyed it more. i am not real big on meat on my pizza i love me some veggies. 

here is the recipe i hope you enjoy it. and if you do decide to make it come back and tell me what you think. or if you tried a different version.



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