Monday, May 18, 2015

my first restoration project…antique cabinet

i couldn't wait to show all of you my latest project. this is my first "restoration" piece and i am ecstatic with how this turned out. my grandma gave me this white antique cabinet last year. after the hard winter we had we brought the piece in and then it sat for a month or so…between our busy life and the fact i wasn't sure what direction i wanted to go with the cabinet it sat.
i wanted some extra storage space for either my office or kitchen and decided to refinish it for the kitchen since the kitchen needed it more. my first thought was to paint it solid matte black and switch the hardware to a brushed aluminum handle…then i had a thought. our kitchen has a vintage wine "theme" so what better way to compliment the style than to distress the cabinet a little so it looks more rustic.  and this was so easy!
i sanded the white cabinet first making sure any scratches or dings were smoothed. i wiped it down with water/lysol mixture, then applied 2 coats of matte black latex paint. Once the paint dried for 24 hours i started to strategically sand different areas and voila…all finished.  i think i have created a monster though…i already have 2 other "projects" i am planning to do this too.


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