Thursday, October 21, 2010

It seems that we as parents anticipate each and every milestone. Its fun, exciting, kinda sad, amazing so many words could describe how each milestone feels when it happens. This next one I am supposed to be worried about …so I have heard from some parents. Yes ladies and gentleman we are talking about WALKING!!! 

Ethan has walked with his Buzz Light Year car while pushing it and before today he stood twice by himself for a short period of time. But today…it was different. He loves his big green ball…in Ethan’s world it’s probably his exercise ball. He bounces it, rolls it, watches daddy bounce it and leans on it. Today while leaning on it with his hands and standing he picked up the ball and held it in the air for quite a while. YAY! It seemed the ball was helping him balance and gain confidence! The other times he did stand without holding onto anything but as soon as he realized that he let go of the couch or table or whatever he would sit down. : )

Then as we were shooting hoops and dancing tonight he stood all by himself to make a basket and stayed there for geez I am not even sure how long but a good while!

Worried I am not worried at all! I am so excited for him! Sure he will get into things (he already does now), he might be harder to catch, he will probably be quicker (so quick trips to do laundry might be tough for a while), less chance of him wanting to cuddle as much because those little legs will want to go, go, go,. But really I am okay with all of it. These are the facts of life and growing up. So we may have more injuries, more discipline and have to pay attention A LOT more…but I think this is awesome! I will keep you posted on the future adventures as Ethan experiments with walking and standing on his own.


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