Thursday, October 28, 2010

my son my protector

this is one of the sweetest most fun memories i will store forever! 

ethan is my protector and has been for quite some time now. i am not really getting hurt and this is how it goes. if i am being tickled and am saying “no, no, no” and he’s within ear shot he’s totally there at my side telling mike what’s up.
just the other day he was in his play room near the living room playing and having a good old ethan time... next thing you know mommy is in “distress”. probably some wrestling move or tickle fest going on. he sounded like a horse with how fast he crawled to me to make sure i was okay. I love him!
this is absolutely going to be one of the fondest memories i have. its so stinking cute and my husband is even amazed.
i guess a lot less rear naked chokes and arm bars from daddy. : )


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