Monday, June 20, 2011

wedding dress shopping, family, friends and fathers day...

What a great weekend for us it was extremely busy but maximizing our weekends has become a! We went dress shopping and yes i found my wedding dress! The "one" was in between the dozens I tried on and I absolutely adore the dress. Its very me but I will not give details those will wiat till after June 9th of next year, But here are a few highlights censored of course...and NO "THE DRESS" is not pictured : ) I am so thankful to find it the first day out I didnt want to have to go a bunch of places and just get confused!

The rest of the weekend consisted of family, friends and fun! Saturday we searched for keys in the morning (looooong story) then yard work, yard games with friends and I built a fire. Yes me I did it can you tell I was proud! The guys tried for quite a while to get it going using gasoline a strategic building method and it kept going out or just smoldering. i collected my sticks and built a tee pee shape and it was blazing in no time...i used no gasoline! LOL it was the joke of the night that the girl did it : ) And the guys involved I am sure will not live it down. I haven't been deemed the official bonfire starter but i think I ranked up. Oh and theres a picture below of it blazing...hehehe

Sunday was great we spent a good part of the day at my mom and dads for Fathers Day. All the nieces and nephews and brothers and sisters came. The kids played in the water and the day wouldn't have been complete without Jake's (dad) snake viewing and petting zoo time. : ) The kids love the snakes especially Cash he asks for them as soon as he gets out of the car at Papaws...what a great weekend I am so blessed to have such an awesome family and wonderful friends!


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