Monday, July 9, 2012

our wedding sign in...

i will be posting some details of our wedding day. we had an amazing day and i can't wait to share some of my favorite details.

the first one, how our guests signed in.
instead of the usual paper and pen book we wanted something we could display and look at often. i originally thought the thumb print tree but the rocks went better with the theme my mom chose which was a garden type look. plus we love the analogy building our marriage on the rock. so rocks it was and they were a huge hit and we enjoy them daily.

my mom put a large stone vessel by the entrance of the chapel and they wrote on a rock and then put it in the bird bath. i will hopefully have pics of those soon. here are pics of some of the rocks sitting on our mantle now. i need to get a bigger apothecary jar to house them all but i was too excited to wait any longer. 

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