Friday, July 13, 2012

our wedding music

something that was a major deal to my husband and I was music when planning our wedding. we love music and enjoy a variety of different artists. we wanted something contemporary, fun, memorable and original. and it was important to have music that had meaning to us. we spent many date nights before we were married listening to music and talking. hoping to continue this through the years.  

i think we achieved what we were trying to with the music as we are still getting compliments on the music played at our actual ceremony. which I'm thankful for since out of everything i think it took the longest to decide and choose.

before everyone involved in the wedding started making their entrances I had three songs chosen that would be played right before the parents and grandparents came out . there were some other songs played pryor to these but these had to be

"bella's lullaby"- michael silverman

"the prayer"- celtic women

"main "feather" theme"- cincinnati pops orchestra

the next grouping of songs were played during the actual ceremony.

parents entered to- "all you need is love" by the vitamin string quartet

the groom, groomsmen and pastor entered to- "today" by joshua radin

the bridesmaids entered to-"marry me" by train

the brides entrance-"canon In d" by piano wedding masters

an acoustic song sung by my sister in law after the vows- "a thousand years" by christina perri 
(which was a-mazing)

communion song sung by my sister in law, again done acoustically-"revelation song" by kari jobe (has many remakes)

after the pronouncement and the recessional- "good Life" by one republic (cued to the chorus)

Then as people were dismissed-

"everybody"by ingrid michaelson

"beautiful bay" by u2

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