Saturday, February 22, 2014

cozies for kids on etsy

i came across this little shop through one of my thirty-one sisters. i love supporting home based businesses and the proceeds benefit a very worthy cause so i thought i would share this little gem of a shop. cozies for kids on etsy. from scarves to hats and gloves…even coffee cozies for that buckeye fan mary's creations are truly one of a kind.

a little bit about her vision and how mary got started. mary malone is a stay at home mom and private a flute instructor. in november 2013, she started cozies for kids as a fundraiser for orphan world relief. this sparked a fun new business venture. she loves combining her passion for crocheting with helping disadvantaged kids around the world. you can connect with her on facebook or her etsy shop.

here is her number one selling hat…this is the one that caught my eye initially… stay tuned 
this hat may or may not be appearing in my very first giveaway…



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