Saturday, July 5, 2014

two little lions (children's designer t-shirts)

i have been so excited to share with you this line of designer children's t-shirts. it is awesome to see the dreams of these two become their reality. read on about how "two little lions got started and about the vision that nick and ryanne have.

"So last year we started throwing around the idea of starting a children's tshirt line and after 9 months of hard work we've finally released Two Little Lions! We wanted to create tees that kids would love to wear, and that their parents would be excited about as well. 
Our main focus was to have a brand that spoke positivity. 

We created our signature "Heart of a Lion" tee to express the idea of being courageous, brave and willing to face the world. Being a leader and not a follower. 

"Perfectly Imperfect" is to remind our little girls from an early age that beauty isn't "cookie-cutter" and comes in every single back ground, shape, color and size and that who they were created to be is, in fact, perfect and should to be embraced.

"Stud Club" is pretty much for every little boy because they're all studs, and having that positive mindset puts them in a club that's bigger than themselves! 

Our "World Changer" raglan is my personal favorite. Every single child is a world changer! If we instill in our children that they are capable of changing the world, the world can and will be changed! The cool thing about that shirt is that it is personalized with their name and a portion of the profits from each sale will be going to different people, groups or organizations that are changing the world! So not only will they be rocking an awesome tee, they'll have a part in helping change the world.

Each of our tees are original designed and custom made locally @ Liquid Custom Apparel in Canton Ohio. We currently offer sizes 2T, 4T & 6T."

i was already such a fan of these shirts and wanted one of each and then i read the purpose and meaning behind each design and i loved them even more. ethan and i went to the etsy shop and he chose the world changer t-shirt and we can't wait to get it.

thanks nick and ryanne for having a vision and taking the steps to make your dreams come true.
i am grateful to see the excitement with this line of t's and so thankful its started out and will continue to be a success. can not wait to see what is to come.

many blessings to you and your family

connect with two little lions:

instagram ~ @twolittlelions

order yours in time for back to school!
the company is based right here in northeastern ohio…we love supporting ohio based businesses!


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