Tuesday, December 30, 2014

shoe organization

i really enjoy being organized. if i have the proper containers, shelves, cabinets etc. i will organize it all and love every minute of it. 
for a little while now i had the idea of storing my shoes in clear containers so i could easily stack them and also see what they were. i had googled a few websites and the plastic shoe containers were way to pricey for my liking so i figured when i came across what i was looking for i would know what.

surprise…surprise…my mom (the best) remembered our conversation from a while back and she came across these little gems so they showed up for christmas this year and i couldn't be happier.
i wish i would have gotten a before picture with all of the different sized boxes and how not so organized they looked. i must have been too excited because i didn't even think of the before shot till after : )

here is the start of my shoe organization…i actually need more bins to finish my collection and also will get some extra to have for new shoe purchases. 

the aftermath...


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