Thursday, January 8, 2015

a protein powder to love...

in the past i was never really a fan of protein shakes. i had never found a protein i could tolerate for more than a day or so let alone making it part of my daily routine after working out. 
then my husband came along and introduced me to muscle milk…let me tell you it is tasty and the best protein i had ever had.  banana cream was my go to and then the vanilla so i could add berries and other fruit. we actually purchase this from 
the only thing i was not a huge fan of was the artificial sweetener in the muscle milk. so while i would still use it i was on a search for an all natural protein powder. 
then i found all kinds of information on the good and the bad of the protein powder world. and the fact is not all are created equal.

after trying a couple all natural powders i met an arbonne representative clarissa…insert a smile!
she introduced me to an amazing line of products and i absolutely love the vanilla protein powder.

the ingredients are all natural…no soy, whey or artificial sweeteners. those were my main three "concerns" the artificial sweeteners being number one. 
you can contact clarissa through her website


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