Monday, November 25, 2013

sometimes it's...

sometime's it's...

the smell of lumber
a song
a certain laugh
the sound of the harmonica
an old spice commercial
a familiar face
a certain type of "truckers" cap
a swimming pool
a john deer tractor
when someone remodels their kitchen
the sound of a saw
someone's home grown garden
the smell of varnish
a certain type of flannel shirt
when people talk about cross bows and rifles
my moms kitchen floor

but it's always...
the holidays
deer season
january 12th 
fresh cut christmas trees

that make me think of you the most...grandpa.

 i am so blessed to have so many memories of my grandpa. i was so lucky to spend the majority of my childhood at their house. (their driveway is where i met my husband) of course the triggers above could go on to another page and some aren't always triggers but these are the most common. each one of those thoughts are tied to some of my most favorite things about my grandpa. and sometimes i just have to smile and remember how blessed i am.

last night however i started to get pretty sad and couldn't stop the tears for a bit. of course all of these happy moments these memories of him i have, i think about when i get sad. i think about him working in his "shop" and the smell of fresh cut lumber. sometimes when passing a mcdonalds i remember him always calling home before leaving his 5:00am "coffee meetings" with his buddies to see if i wanted anything if i played hooky from school, oh and i always got the entire christmas happy meal toys without having to get happy meals (remember the muppets collection...still have them) the thing that bother's me most from time to time is i wanted ethan to meet him and spend time with him. my grandpa was pretty healthy, active and we had no idea this was coming. he left us far too soon  and way to sudden in my eyes and within just months of the birth of ethan.

now so you laugh in case you have tears
this is what triggered it this time

this was actually posted by my friends husband last night on facebook this was their dinner.
i had no idea what it was so i asked.
it's bacon wrapped backstrap which is venison.

so from that i thought of deer season and eating venison at my grandparents...
i also thought of when i would say "hey grandpa did you catch one" after his return from his cabin in the woods. i think that's why till this day i will ask someone if they caught a deer without even thinking.
i am sure it was acceptable coming from a child now probably not so much.

make sure today and everyday you love on someone, hug on someone or tell them how you feel. 
i am so thankful for the close relationship i have with my family and never have regretted or wished i would have spent more time with my grandpa...or called him more...hugged him more...told him i loved him...or that i wish i would have done this or that. well maybe one thing. i wanted to take him to go see the startrek movie...and now in 3d (not even a 3d girl but thought he would have liked it)

forget about the gifts this christmas if you do not have the money and just go do something with your loved ones. the time you spend is far greater than a gift you could purchase.
because those memories are the ones you have for the rest of your life.

january birthdays right here 12, 10 and 5th

from the time i was born i shared my birthday
celebrating with him...always 2 cakes then we grew up.


lover of the great out doors
so you...

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