Thursday, November 14, 2013

urban splatter polish...eeeeek

soooo i must say i am pretty excited about my fun nails! i have been getting my acrylic nails  done for the best of 17 years and i always have had square nails and most of the time it has been pink and white acrylic so i have a permanent french manicure. i used to do fun things when in high school but for almost 10 years its been basic french with maybe a slight variance here and there. needless to say i was ready for a fun change...something different. i posted on facebook this week stiletto nails or the usual square and all but one said square...i think i must have had my mind made up though. i showed the pics from google of the stiletto nails to my husband, he didn't say he didn't like them but he didn't say that he did either. he said..."they look like claws." which some indeed do. but he said i am sure they will look good try it...(love him he supports me even through the small doesn't really matter stuff)

today i did it and i absolutely love them! i would say they are more of a "modest" stiletto not too pointing but still fun. i also wanted to break from the norm and do something fun with my polish is totally in right now and its all about color and sparkle!

i recently placed an avon order and purchased avon nailwear pro+ in starry sky and avon urban splatter in blackout. absolutely love the fun. the splatter does need a base-coat though...the picture below shows it as a solid polish but it is clear with the splatter effect chips in it. the base-coat was the starry night and covered in one coat (bonus)! the black  on my ring finger is by opi and it is called black onyx. totally different from my natural classic squared french manicured nails but i adore them!! and they are husband approved...he said they do not look like claws until i put my hands like the google photo. ; )

order the polish from an avon rep and have it delivered to your shipping or even free!



  1. This manicure looks amazing, and have acrylics which kinda look natural, they're not overly long and fit the width of the nail bed. Perfect! :))

  2. thank you for stopping by.
    and thank you for the compliment...although other than the polish i give the credit to my manicurist.
    have a wonderful day...stop back soon