Thursday, May 5, 2011


i know this is super late but I do not get very much time on the computer. But today i took the time to upload photos from Easter. We had a great time with family and friends. Church and dinner with friends at Chilis on Saturday and Dinner at my moms on Sunday...yummy!!! Here are a few photos of Ethan in his Easter outfit. 

My little man all dressed up...He didn't keep his hat on so did his hair before we left.

The Easter bunny came this year and brought Ethan his first basket...he was pretty excited when he found it under his TV stand.

Well I will say he loved the snacks and peeps the Easter bunny brought him. That was his first experience with them and he ate the whole strip...Just kidding he was only allowed to have one and we still have a few left. That is him hugging the bunny the Easter bunny brought. One of my favorite pictures. 

This was the Easter basket from grandma NeNe and Papaw Ray...So cute and very thoughtful. Those two bunnies were bunnies given to me as a kid in my Easter baskets and my mom gave them to Ethan. What a fun thoughtful idea Mom!!


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