Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ladies tea, cook outs, cake lady and whipped cream...

What a great weekend! I would have posted this yesterday but between or modem crashing and me taking a Benadryl it was a rough day. But today i am better and over the weekend finally decided on a name for my weekend posts Window To My Weekends...

Saturday started off with a wonderful ladies tea. My mom, grandma, great aunt, sister in law as well as many other friends and amazing ladies spent a few hours together eating, chatting and laughing! What a fun way to start the day...

Then it was off to Mikes brothers for a cook out and family time. This is Ethan playing in his first mud puddle... and yes I had to run inside and grab my camera before getting him out drying him off and changing him. It started as standing and quickly moved to sitting in the puddle.

Sunday...Mothers Day! We went to church and heard an awesome message on the Biblical kind of hope. Followed by cooking out at our house with family. I was a little out of sorts and got stuck grilling...on Mothers Day really??? Its okay i do enjoy grilling so i got over it. : )

Then the super highlights..Cake Lady cookies and Ethan eating whipped cream out of the can (this is Nanny Nene's thing)...oh and yes that's BBQ sauce all over his T-shirt he stained the other shirt he had on and it was removed.  He's all boy is what I have heard.  


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