Wednesday, May 11, 2011

lemon fusilli with arugula

i saw this on the food network by the barefoot contessa (click here for the recipe) and for me it was a must try. what a great summer pasta idea with lemon being such a refreshing flavor. so I made it for a picnic yesterday. i thought it turned out great...there wasn't much left so i am hoping it wasn't the one thing EVERYONE left on their plate to be thrown away ; ) i did a few things differently. i used 2 and a half cups of cream, three and a half lemons and i served it at room temperature. you could even serve this cold and it would be great. i also thought you could add shrimp, freshly grilled tuna or chicken to this as well and make it an almost one plate meal. if you try it let me know what you think. i will for sure make this again!



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