Monday, January 13, 2014

a family secret...yummy twist on coffee creamer

as i ran out of my yummy Baileys vanilla creamer one morning and was kind of bummed i had 0 creamer... i remembered a delicious idea.
i have this pretty fun great aunt her name is connie. my mom spent a lot of time with her when i was growing up so i got to spend a lot of time with her as well. her favorite way to drink her coffee is with butter pecan ice cream. i believe two scoops! this is an awesome treat and i liked coffee as a child so i remember drinking it with her at her breakfast bar overlooking the lakes. and she still does it to this day, i saw the ice cream in her freezer when we were there.

so this morning i remembered this delicious idea. we had breyers french vanilla ice cream in the freezer. two small scoops and i am set. although this is something i couldn't get away with everyday (my aunt can, shes thin) its a nice treat...only thing is i want the butter pecan. Yum!

so the recipe goes something like this...

1 cup of your favorite coffee
ice cream scoop
and your favorite ice cream (a kind that would go amazing in coffee)
scoop however much of that deliciously frozen goodness as you want and plop in your cup!


how do you like your coffee?

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