Thursday, January 16, 2014

grilled sweet potato chips

as many of you know i enjoy grilling…and i grill a lot of different things.  the other night i had the brainy idea to grill sweet potatoes.
i am glad that i did because my husband doesn't even like sweet potatoes but he liked these.
i will be adjusting a couple things next time to add a little more crunch to the potato but these were a hit and i will definitely make them again.


washed sweet potatoes 
coconut oil
sea salt


1. microwave desired amount of potatoes until soft but not mushy. i have never microwaved a sweet potato so i didn't realize they cook faster than regular potatoes. my smaller ones were a little too mushy making them hard to cut and my larger ones were just right. the cooking time will also very depending on how many potatoes as well as your microwave. 

2. with skin left on, slice each potato to desired thickness. i prefer the thinner ones for a little more crunch. toss in a bowl or brush onto both sides the melted coconut oil and then sprinkle with desired amount of see salt.

3. place on low to medium grill heat. keep a eye on them as they begin to brown. (sweet potatoes can burn due to the sugar content) flipping once.


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