Tuesday, January 7, 2014

pout pout fish

i was so excited when i saw that ethan's preschool offered the scholastic book club orders each month…yes i am a little obsessed and maybe even a nerd. (i love books)
it really brought back some memories of myself as a kid. i would bring home the paper order form and start circling everything i wanted. the list was usually long and my mom would do her best to accommodate my frivolous spending of her money. : )

we do order every month and so far this is one of ethan's favorites and certainly mine.

the pout pout fish is full of brightly colored and very cute illustrations that ethan enjoys.
as we follow a day in the life of mr. fish, he is approached by his friends of the sea who just want to see him be happy and smile.
each friend that approaches mr. fish is given the same "excuse.
i will not give too many details but just know there is a happy ending.

i really enjoy the repetition and rhyming in this book. it helps ethan feel like he is reading and also helps with word and sound recognition.
i usually read what the friends say to mr. fish, then ethan will "read" his response which is the same every time. then we follow it up with the words on the page below (which is also repeated throughout) and both just laugh at how funny it sounds.

give this book a try it is a fun easy read.
there are a few other books in the life of mr. fish that we may just pick up as well...

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