Thursday, January 30, 2014

great devotional for little boys

i actually came across this book a couple years ago at the huge book table at sam's club.  i started reading them to ethan at a very young age when he may not have understood it as well but still the seeds were planted in his heart. honestly, i haven't made it through the entire book yet. we have gotten out of the habit multiple times for whatever reason. so we are going to make it a goal to get through it this year. he is older now and gets even more excited about them in the morning. and really it takes about five minutes…ten if ethan wants to discuss something which i encourage. we actually sit down in the morning first thing and spend a little time with god and learning some very basic principles.

each day has a topic for example "jesus loves you", "you'll feel better when you forgive other people".
within that there is usually a bible verse then an explanation.
followed by a tip or quote of the day and lastly a prayer.
i recommend this little book 


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