Tuesday, December 3, 2013

elf on the shelf mom...

there is this girl i know...shes such a fun mom, an amazing wife and her heart is pure gold.

she dressed up like momma elf...from elf on the shelf
if you have children i am sure most of you know about the crazed little elf that hides and does silly things around your house only for the children to find the next morning.

" i wanted to do something fun for the kids, " says alivia mother of 3 almost 4
i asked her where she got the elf outfit...she made it!!!
 alivia really had no intention of doing anything with the photo but getting some laughs from her kids...
 but the next day she thought she would send it into kelly and michael. realizing the likelihood of her getting her moment of fame was slim to none, so she went about her day.

she actually got a phone call from a friend letting her know you are on kelly and michael!!
alivia tevo's the show and watches it later in the day so she had no idea she was on there!

check out this link..to catch kelly and michael's reaction!! i love it!!
"shes tiny and she fits on a mantle...and shes dressed like an elf" says kelly

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