Thursday, December 12, 2013

taco pocket bake

so anything mexican is a go in our house so i concocted this little creation and received 2 thumbs up from my husband. i am pretty sure ethan would love it if he could tolerate the texture of bread...but for now no go. i believe this may have been a  Kraft recipe that i made into my own..


1-2 packages of crescent rolls (depending on how full you want them)
1 package of shredded mild cheddar cheese or freshly grated (you will not use an entire package of cheese)
1 lb. of ground beef i use at least 92 % lean beef or extra lean turkey
1 taco seasoning packet
sour cream (optional)
Taco sauce (optional)


1.pre-heat oven as directions state on crescent package. brown the beef in a medium pan and add taco seasoning as directed. drain meat.

2. open crescent roll tube and separate each individual crescent. you can roll them out if you would like a little more filling or leave them as is for just about a tablespoon full of meat. i rolled some of mine too thin so be careful. you can also cut each crescent triangle in half if you would like to make bite sized pockets which are great for entertaining.

3. place 1 to 2 tablespoons of meat in each crescent  then the cheese (desired amount)and fold corners across the center where the meat is. i folded the longer piece last. but each time i pressed the dough together. you can leave little holes, it allows steam to escape.

4. once you have done all 8 to 16 crescents (I bought only 8 crescents and had quite a bit of meat left over for 1.21 pounds of beef) bake on a cookie sheet and as directed on package of crescents or until golden brown.

5. top with desired toppings: salsa, taco sauce, sour cream

i also topped ours with a little bit of extra cheese before baking and will actually incorporate scallions the next time. this recipe is definitly one you could add and make your own...beans, jalapeno peppers, cilantro...etc


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