Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the sparkle box

i ordered this book "the sparkle box" from barnes and noble. it was supposed to be the book that ethan opens on christmas eve with his christmas jammies, hot cocoa and other fun goodies but...
a few people recently posted about this book on instagram and facebook i believe it i couldn't wait till christmas eve to read it. i pulled it out of its hiding place and read it.
we will read it as a family today. 

i absolutely think anyone who believes in the reason for christmas and the birth of jesus should read this book and make it apart of your family culture.
mike and i have decided to make christmas more about the true meaning of christmas than the emphasis on getting gifts and with all of the commercialization the meaning can definitely be lost in translation. 

this book really does a great job of illustrating what this season is all and helping those less fortunate. the illustrations are amazing and the story is so simple for the littlest one to understand.
i have always had a heart for others and my husband does as well and we are teaching ethan to have that heart as he begins to grow and understand a little more. 
he's definitely getting it i see little things he does that just make me smile.

last year at age 3,we started with going through his toys before christmas and donating them to children who may not have any toys.
we also, visit the wingfoot lake blimp hanger and donate to the toys for tots toy drive. we let him give the money to the soldier and have his picture taken with him.
this year we are adding a few more things like the mitten tree at school and going to pick out a gift for a little boy who's mom is incarcerated. 
we explain why we are doing these things and that jesus wants us to help others. 

i am excited to be adding little things to our sparkle box (pictured above, ethan picked the color of bow) this year...and really i am considering a sparkle jar!
something that can sit out all year and collect the things we did for others throughout that year...
and then read them on new years eve.

so get this book! whether it's for a niece, or a son to share with his family, maybe a grandchild...this is a book that can start a new tradition in any home.

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  1. I love this, I've never heard of the Sparkle box! Perfect gift for my neices and nephews....until we have littles of our own! Thanks for sharing!! You do have a wonderful giving heart and I'm sure Ethan will grow up to be a wonderful caring man because of you and your husband's love. :) -Amy W.